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Office of Information Technology & Data Resources

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Application Support
Artie Laidler, IT Director 404-327-6920
Jignesh Bharucha, Assistant Director 404-679-1632
Davida Shelton, Business Analyst 404-327-6907
Bill Wilder, Technical Support Specialist 404-679-1638
Research & Business Intelligence
Pascael Beaudette, Exec. Director, Research & Business Intelligence 404-679-5477
Cynthia Lee, Reporting Manager 404-327-6835
Bradley Rogers, Data Compliance Coordinator 404-327-6923
Richard Young, Director, Research 404-679-4963
Alice Zimmerman, Director, Business Intelligence 404-679-1653
Kelsea Bond, Report Developer 404-679-4954
Margo Kenirey, Report Developer 404-679-4809
Information Management Systems
Shawn Weaver, Assistant Director Data Systems 404-679-1626
Kun Liu, Senior Web Application Developer 770-344-7080
T. K. Ly, DBA 404-982-3457
Claudia McCreedy, Programmer/Analyst 770-880-7783
Eugene Nixon, Web Developer 404-679-5978